A New Kasa for 2011

Write what you know.  That’s what we learned in English class, right?
So I will share what I learned about the word “kasa“:

It means housekeeping in Korean, phonetically, that is.
Yet, ironically, it can refer to a form of Korean poetry as well, (gasa).

It also is a village in Sweden, a former kingdom of Senegal, a type of Japanese hat, and a well received Indian restaurant in the Castro neighborhood of San Fran, which looks delicious, among other things.

My kasa is a collection of handmade and vintage fabrics that I inherited from a family owned shop. A shop that served the East Side of Providence for well over 30 years. A shop that is now closed, but still cherished.

Although it’s noble to carry on the tradition, I did a little Korean “kasa” of my own, mentally at least!  Instead of pushing and pulling the weight of a family dynasty into 2011, I cleaned up house. I sat and organized all the cloths, handmade pillowcases, kimonos, and tapestries into neat little piles. After donating some to very good causes, I decided that a new audience deserves to bring these one of a kind pieces into their own homes.
Whether they wear it, hang it, or just admire it, let a wider neighborhood across the worldwide web get their hands on some tactile delights. So here is kasawonderful.

Of course, I will not inundate this blahg with just kasawonderful stuff. So I will share what I know.
And write less 😉

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