Let us Eat Lotus

I have been cooking a lot with lotus root lately; mostly in stir fries, or I just plop them in a clear broth with leafy greens, shredded carrots, tofu, and a dab of soy sauce.

Thinking to switch it up a bit, I tried a traditional lotus root dessert, stuffing the root with rice, steaming for an hour, and then drizzling with honey. Albeit, it wasn’t in my opinion flavorful enough, but one of our dinner guests was happy to keep going for seconds and thirds. A measure of success?

makingstuffedlotusroot stuffedroot stuffingtheroot

I came across this cool print via envelop.  Envelop shop owner Punchyboo printed with the actual root, and then colored the wheel and adjusted in photoshop.  I love how you can order this pattern in an apron, table runner, napkin, even pot holder! I just want to know if Punchyboo has any recipe tips for the dessert.
Someone who loves lotus as much as me?


One thought on “Let us Eat Lotus

  1. kasa,thank you so much for writing about my lotus root pattern :)i love lotus root stuffed with rice too! it's hard to find in in US but i might try to make some at home.-anais (punchyboo)


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