Sharing Last Night’s Dinner

Actually, it was a few nights ago, but thought I’d share some photos of a breaded white fish with amaranth leaves.  And yes, I bought these leaves at P & R Market in Chelmsford. The leaves have this great purplish hue, which deliciously saturates into whatever you are cooking. I would say the flavor is a bit stronger and earthier than spinach, but not as bitter as say broccoli rabe.  The texture is a bit more light as well. It will cook quite quickly. I simply sauteed these greens with some olive oil and grated fresh garlic.

And, sad for me, I gave in and breaded the cod. Yes, fried it with batter and all. Usually I marinate the fish in a beaten egg and lime juice combination, adding just a very little smidgen of salt and pepper, and literally shove fresh rosemary right onto and into the fish, (you can also do this with chicken).
Then I flavor the flour with whatever dried powdered herbs and flavors on hand: cumin, more salt and pepper, or adobo. Any white fish will do, try it with catfish? It depends what you serve with this, either rice or pasta, sweet potato, or better yet, a nutritious salad. You can go so many ways with this one.
Maybe not the healthiest dinner, but yummy! No leftovers here!


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