Pho Dalat

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Tonight we ate at neighboring Pho Dalat in Chelmsford. The staff was very friendly, and helpful, especially our waitress who was so patient as I vascillated between the tofu chow foon and the tofu pho. We also ordered a salty squid, with jalapeños. The generous amounts of fresh watercress was a nice treat. What we liked about that dish is the batter was not too heavy, and the squid meat was not rubbery. There was a good balance there between the batter and the squid. The decor is lovely, with a fish tanks full of parrot fish and pearl snails. I liked the light fixtures.


The food was good, and the prices are very reasonable. With a name like Pho Dalat, you figure their specialty is pho, although I opted for my usual tofu veggie chow foon. Portions are a good sized plate. A plus is that steamed white rice is complimentary with entrees. Again the staff is great, the decor is modern, warm, and inviting. Next time I will definitely try the pho. I’m sure it will be a delight.
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