Which Way To Go?

black and white, IG Series

I attempt IG here and there, decide for it, against it, and then ambiguously deactivate it. Smart for a photo blogger, right? The filters are fun, and I like playing with them. I like to keep things simple though, and too many platforms can make me question myself as to where I should be and why?  So I have some random images I had saved from those IG days…I will share here and there via haiku camera.

Maybe this photo sums it all up:



Westford Leaves 

black and white, color photography, Nature, nature walks, photography

I am sharing some images from a previous blog I created, loweaperture.wordpress.com. For some reason, there was a snafu with wordpress when publishing so this blog was hidden for a while. WordPress promptly apologized and fixed the situation, (thank you!). Now it is public, but I since created this during that period. So I will time to time repost original material from loweaperture.wordpress.com. Thanks for looking!
I hope you enjoy the images.