Blue + White

It doesn’t get any more classic than blue and white, a great color combination to usher in Spring, and Summer too. Clean and crisp, fresh and bright, timeless and elegant. A wish list visit is this shop, Blue and White, run by Amy Katho, a mainstay in Tokyo for over 35 years. My colleague has visited and testified to it being quite an essential place to shop while living in Japan.


A champion of Japanese folk art textiles much closer to home is Sri, a textile gallery in Brooklyn.
You can peruse their shop online, too.

Itajime Yukata at Sri

In the meantime, think of incorporating some blue and white this season. Here are some ideas:

Gorgeous coasters by Maya Gencic, a favorite on etsy.

Snow in Spring: Cherry Blossom Time!

Who hasn’t been enjoying the longer days since we had to Spring ahead this past weekend?And the unusually warm weather earlier this week didn’t hurt.
What would be even better is a firsthand look at the cherry blossoms this Spring in Japan.

For those who can, check out this site to know the best days in March to check out the blossoms. For the rest of us who are doing some wishful thinking, enjoy the photos above and below: