Aqua Bonsai

My husband recently opened his new etsy shop, AquaBonsai.
He creates bonsai inspired “trees” for aquariums.  Java moss is hand tied to a non toxic substrate base, which is bendable so you can pose your tree or bonsai creature any which way you please. Your fish or pet shrimp can help you prune as they forage away on their new aquatic garden decor.
Needless to say, he’s got the green thumb in our family.


il_570xn_398180827_iq7m img_20140122_114641 mossseasepent

Succulent Extravaganza

Having recently jumped on the succulent bandwagon, I thought I’d share some interesting images:
Beautiful array as seen on Ampersand Weddings
Succulent specimen via Abigail Doan
Love this wedding cake by whoa nelly catering (click on their link)