One Last Look at The Book

This time with fabric. After purchasing some of kasawonderful’s fabric at a recent Art “Yard Sale”, Jo, a RISD student, made these books, and happily shared her work with us:


I love seeing the before and after with these remnants. And I love how artists like Jo see the potential in what could be an overlooked piece of cloth. With her vision, skill and some TLC, she cooked up some leftovers into a beautiful book.

Thanks Jo! We appreciate your loyalty and love your work!


Making Up For Lost Time…With Book Arts

It’s been a busy fall, and I am making up for lost time, sharing some wonderful pieces by book artists I met at the recent Guild of Book Workers conference in Boston, yes, way back in October!


Wendy of Windy Weather Bindery is responsible for the jewelry/gift box above, and loves doing custom work, including portfolios. Local artists who need sophisticated presentation for their work-check her out!

Monica of Boom Box Bindery made these adorable book earrings:


Both are graduates of the North Bennett Street School in Boston, and both were totally sweet and a pleasure to meet. I wish them the best in their future endeavors and know they will be successful!